A Product Review site is a site on which reviews are posted about services, products, individuals, or businesses. These sites can use Web 2.0 methods to collect feedback from site visitors or can employ professional reviewers to write positive reviews on the subject of interest for the site. The sites are designed to act as a marketplace for product owners and suppliers to share information and develop relationships. The reviews are usually written by regular people who have tried the product or service and want to spread the word about how well it worked or how the service did not live up to expectations.Find additional information at Beastsellersreview

The reviews can tell users how the product performed or did not work and many times, will give recommendations for other similar products or services in order to make money or build a reputation. In fact, product review sites are very popular among niche Web sites. For example, dog training sites often have a “buy it now” button prominently displayed next to the photos of dogs. The click through to a site that offers dog training advice is likely to result in a sale or at least a request for more information. The information can lead to a recommendation for another useful site with products that are very similar to what was just purchased.

The best product review sites do the best they can to provide honest product reviews. They do not just give an overall rating. Instead, the sites take the time to discuss each item group individually. For example, a site that rates lingerie will mention the type of underwear in order to help the customer find the right product for their needs. Review sites also provide the customer reviews so interested parties can make an informed decision. Many customer reviews are provided on these types of sites to help potential customers decide whether or not they feel comfortable purchasing the item in question.